Degree Show

2nd June 2021 - 24th June 2021
York St John University, Phoenix Building

3rd year illustration degree show featuring my work throughout the Advanced Studio Practice module at University. 

The Female Gaze

8ft x 8ft

Sarah Dallow’s work is centred on the portrayal of the female body, highlighting the areas that women have been encouraged to dislike about themselves. She frames the body from an alternative perspective; one that has not been clouded by Photoshopped imagery or influence from the mainstream media. Dallow’s imagery challenges the narrative around stereotypes, beauty, and body standards. She experiments with fine liner and gold ink to produce black and white stippled illustrations that offer an anonymous representation of women’s bodies from a range of backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. The Female Gaze series combines flesh with unfurling petals, framing limbs with a delicate and light touch. The collection includes a range of bodies from different sizes, ethnicities, and disabilities to create an inclusive space for all women. Her work acts as a celebration of the natural depiction of the female body.